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Welcome to LupisDaily! ✦
For all your LupisVulpes related needs!

This is a fan group for lambjokes/StrangerLamb otherwise known as LupisVulpes or MeritFerret. Feel free to share and flaunt your designs, fan darkky, and fanart related to LupisVulpes here!
Founded 7 Months ago
Mar 11, 2017


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Fan Club

82 Members
100 Watchers
3,379 Pageviews
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Fanart for LupisVulpes
extra by Sweetbon3s
P I runcycle 1/4 by Sweetbon3s
P 1/2 | Lambjokes by primetiime
CLING by Rye-Whiskey
LupisVulpes Designs
your name is by Takura-Nokinu
cheebs by Shibistar
quiet by Takura-Nokinu
Boopie by Puppio
Audience Fanart
Break Through by 90sCat
Writer-head by Rye-Whiskey
Litho by Sharkdrool
Litho (Headshots like these open??) by gutjuice
Showtime by gutjuice
Cascade Fanart
Some cool bois by gutjuice
Oh Bo- by SpiralinDown
Mortis by VULPWAVE
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 General Rules
:bulletwhite: Respect the admins. Show us respect and we will show you respect!
:bulletwhite: If you feel you must criticize someone's OC, do so constructively. No bashing, please.
:bulletwhite: Not anyone is allowed to join.
If you have been known to cause drama/discourse within the LupisVulpes fandom or have been publicly stated to not be allowed own her designs then please do not join. If you join, you will be banned from the group without warning.
:bulletwhite: Anyone is allowed to send an affiliation request, you will always be accepted.

    Submission Rules
Where does this go?: LupisDaily Folder Guide
:bulletwhite: Depictions of nudity and NSFW content are not allowed, there are children within this fandom and the admins (as adults) wish to protect them.
:bulletwhite: Depictions of blood and gore content are allowed as long as they have mature filters.
:bulletwhite: We will not accept submissions depicting recent tragedies in a disrespectful way.
:bulletwhite: We will not accept submissions labeled as "Lupis Styled" this is very disrespectful and harmful to LupisVulpes. Not only are you taking her unique and personal art style and ruining her confidence in her art but you are also making a profit on her identity and art style without her permission.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy!
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This has been something on my mind for a couple months now and I'm finally voicing my opinion. I would love to give back to LupisVulpes in a way that will help her not only mentally but financially seeing as large amounts of people are becoming financially well off due to her hard work. It's not fair to her that people can make $200, $400, $600, $800, or even $1000 off designs and artwork she made without even a single cent passing through her hands. I know that many people agree with me and they are wonderful people but I know many people will be appalled I even suggested this because they are greedy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I want you all to seriously consider the following:

For every $100 you receive for a design, donate $5 to Lup. For example, if you receive $800 for a design then you would donate $40 to Lup.

Why do this? Lup is pressed for funds a good amount of the time yet she has to watch people sell her designs she worked on for more than what their worth and never see a single sent of that sale. Imagine if it was you, wouldn't you feel hurt? Even scammed because you spent so much time making something for $25 to $50 only to watch it get sold for way over the original price you were paid?

Another thing I would love for others to do is stop scalping the designs/characters. Only sell them for the price you bought them for and if you have PURCHASED (not trades, not request, not gifts, only pieces you COMMISSIONED and PAID for) artwork for the character then add the price of that artwork to the character otherwise... stop scalping the designs/characters and selling them for obscene amounts.
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DreamsTheFox Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So wait Rye-Whiskey owns Darkkys as well as Lup?
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RabbitHabit Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Regarding the adopts folder, I have an adopt that I made
that is not a darkky, just a stuffed animal inspired dog
and i was wondering if that could be submitted because I thought
it might be a design lupis-fans could like since it's in that like..
theme I guess? I wanted to ask before submitting 
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debonair-archer Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2017  Student Artist
never knew there was another group ;o;
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oh look another one :3
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